Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bring a friend to work day! (Day 20)

Today was the long awaited bring-your-friend day. I decided to bring my brother, so I could show him what I am working on.
We started off with everyone introducing themselves. The morning meeting room was packed with people, which was pretty unusual. We then went up to the freshman lab to peer review outlines for our presentations. Everyone already had a great start for their presentations! There's only two weeks left until presentation day, which is simultaneously exciting and nerve wracking.
Zihao and I decided to take a group of the visitors down to our lab, because it is the coolest lab ever (literally and figuratively). We ran a spectrum to demonstrate how the spectrometer works. I also took the opportunity to photograph each of our pigments. I'm hoping to include pictures of them in our final presentation.
We had lunch at Salsarita's again. It was really delicious, as usual. Madi and I exercised our mind reading skills again, and I'm pretty sure everyone was super impressed at our ability.
We briefly played volleyball, but quickly realized it was just way too hot to be active. So instead, Madi and I taught everyone how to play a game called Contact. (look on Madi's blog for instructions on how to play).
I had a little bit of math homework that I didn't understand, but the other interns were able to quickly explain it to me, which was so helpful. Alice even taught me a cool fact about the tan function.
I worked on our final presentation some more today. I'm hoping to finish it within one week, which will leave us with one week to practice it before the actual day. It's going pretty well so far!
The day ended with my brother Nico participating in picture quality study, which only took about 15 mins.
It was really fun to have all the interns' friends and family join us for the day!

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