Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day 21

In the morning, we took a quick trip to the library. We learned about all the different databases that can be used to find scholarly articles. There are databases dedicated to certain subjects like engineering or chemistry. I think these will be super useful for any research I need to do in the future.
I did some more work on our presentation, and I took a walk down to the color science building to participate in the cell phone camera study.
Today was the last day of the Wednesday lunch talks. It was on a specific lake and the surrounding area in Tanzania. The lake was very unique because the temperature at the bottom of the lake was higher than the temperature at the surface of the lake. This ultimately had to do with the fact that the lake was surrounded by volcanoes.
At around 3:30, we watched The Dark Knight (actually, we only watched about an hour of it because we ran out of time). I did homework while I half-watched the movie. Tomorrow we will probably finish watching it if we have the chance.

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