Monday, August 1, 2016



Title: Development of a Low Frequency EPR Spectral Library of Pigments

Background: (3 slides, ~ 2 minutes)
Define EPR, maybe include a picture of our spectrometer
Why we are using low frequency EPR
What the graphs can tell us i.e. their applications

Theory: (3 slides, ~ 4 minutes)
Spinning e- = magnet. There are transitions between the two energy levels
Graph of E as function of B – audience will see as B increases, energy difference increases. Explain that the graph is different for different substances
Explain that when input energy matches the energy difference, there is the max amount of transitions. Our spectrometer measures how many transitions there are.

Results: (8 pages, ~ 5 minutes)
Each page is devoted to a pigment. Compare spectra from different frequency, if applicable

  • Include pictures of each pigment in the test tubes
  • include graphs of each pigment

Conclusion (~ 2 mins)

Questions & Answers ( ~ 5 mins)

Total: ~18 mins

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