Monday, August 1, 2016

Day 19

It feels good to be back at the internship again. In case you were wondering, I was in Boston last week on a mission trip.

The intern group was a little smaller than usual, because Madi was still away on a family trip and Emily had a migraine. (Feel better soon, Emily!)

We had a pretty quick morning meeting in which we discussed the bring a friend day tomorrow. I am 90% sure I am bringing my brother Nico.
After the meeting, I did some final edits on our outline. Zihao did a great job on it while I was away, so there wasn't a ton of editing that needed to be done. Then I uploaded it to my blog (see last post).

I've also started working on a rough draft of our final presentation. So far, I've just got all the slides in order. I haven't started writing anything yet.
Prof. Hornak found a spectrum of Victoria Green, which I was very happy about because I had been looking for one for at least a week.

Allyse and I went to participate in an improv activity with some of the RUs. It was really fun, and I was glad I got to take a break to do something creative.

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