Saturday, August 6, 2016

Day 23

Today was the undergraduate research symposium, so there was no morning meeting for the interns. Instead, most of them went to the breakfast at the symposium. I didn't plan on going to the breakfast, so I had gone to the CIS first. When I decided to go find the other interns I ended up getting completely lost. Luckily, I had Emily's number and was able to find out where they were. I went and got my name tag, but then decided to go back to CIS and get more work done. I did go to one talk, which was by an RU from CIS. I had actually helped with his research earlier in the summer, when I brought in my violin and Madi and I played notes for him to record. His project was on music, which I found really interesting. I hope he continues his work because his project is so cool!
Lunch was fun, especially because they had a special gluten free sandwich for me and a gluten free cookie! The talk during lunch was really fascinating, and it was on a topic I'm really interested in: solar power.
I got some more work done in the afternoon, and all in all I had a very productive day.

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