Friday, July 22, 2016

Day 13

This morning we had our meeting as always. We talked about a library tour on August 3.
I visited the MVRL lab again today to participate in their research.

Hello, guest blogger here.
This is Madi from Fairport NY reporting live on Cici's blog.
Right now, Cici is engaged in an important discussion regarding the future.
Thanks for tuning in!
Back to Cici now.

Emily, Madi, Allyse and I went to find a piano on campus. Allyse and I brought our violins too. The reason for this was that an RU needed to record us playing scales for his research project. It was a nice break from working at the computer, and it was nice to have the chance to play my violin again.

The cookout was pretty messy this week. Zihao brought in a giant watermelon, which Niels started to cut and then Madi finished. It kind of got everywhere, but it was worth it. We didn't play volleyball this week, because we needed to... never mind I can't think of anything funny to write.
It was really windy during the barbecue, and Madi's plate full of ketchup flew away and covered both Madi and me in ketchup.

We had a really good discussion about what each of the interns is going to do with their life. I would post our predictions for each, but I don't want to influence anyone's decisions.

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