Thursday, July 7, 2016

Day 2

This morning, we got more info on the timeline of creating our projects, which we will present at the conclusion of the internship. We also discussed the preparations for lunch tomorrow, which I'm definitely looking forward to. After that, Zihao and I met up with Joe Hornak and he gave us an interesting lecture  on EPR. I definitely understand more about the topic of our research now.
After the lecture, we cleared up some tools and remnants of our projects from the desks
Before lunch, we started looking for power amplifiers to make the LFEPR machine work better. We collected a lot of information from many different companies on different types of amps. We spent a lot of time on that, and almost forgot to get lunch. After lunch, we continued to search for the amps, and then at 2:00 we met up with Prof. Hornak. He took us to go and see the filling of another MRI machine with helium. It was really cool to watch because the helium was really cold and when it hit the hot, humid air it made a big white cloud.
Later, we continued to look for better amps that were full units rather than little things we would have to spend time to attach. I think we found some that will work, but we'll find out for sure tomorrow.

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