Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 10

At the morning meeting each group talked a little about what they've been doing. It was interesting to hear more about everyone's projects.
I participated in the MVRL interns' research, which I actually can't say much about. It was kinda fun though. I'm looking forward to hearing about their conclusions later in the summer.
I did mostly researching online today, in an attempt to find useful spectra of victoria green pigment. I found something about green fluorescent proteins, which are apparently from jellyfish. I don't think that's what I wanted though, so I'm continuing my search. I also found that victoria green is otherwise known as malachite green, but I still didn't find quite what I was looking for.
I went to the afternoon talk, and it was on presenting to non-science audiences. I learned that you should turn your presentation into more of a story, to make it interesting and to keep the attention of the audience.

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